Learning to Bow
Learning to Bow
My Journey

Who is Ben?

Ben Sykora is always up to something, whether it is working, writing, running his charity, or attempting to pull off a miracle and pass his next exams. He is always ready for what’s next, and he even has a small notebook in his glove compartment to write in if any ideas come up. Ben is only 18, but he has never let that stop him. Starting out as an intern for an underdog political campaign, Ben has embarked on a journey to have the greatest impact possible in everything he does. He cares about doing what is right versus personal gain, and he tries to be the best friend he can to everyone he meets.

Ben lives in the always exciting city of Boulder, Colorado. He goes to the University of Colorado Boulder, and he loves to learn. At any given moment, he is trying to learn something new about himself and the world around him. Ben currently runs a charity called Bowing for Change, who’s mission—like his—is to spread compassion throughout the world.